Back In The Studio

After spending most of late summer in New England to “get away from it all” and the cooling temperatures here finally kicking here in the Phoenix area, it’s back to the studio.

Since we do all of our own backing tracks, it’s an assembly-line process to create a new song. It can take a while to learn and chart all the various instruments and vocal parts for any particular song.

We use a combination of MIDI software, tone modules and samplers along with real instruments to create the best possible results. Drums, bass and keyboard tracks are all sequenced individually and allows complete control over the end result.

Lead and harmony vocal parts as well as acoustic and electric guitars are recorded as separate tracks in our DAW (Digital Audio Workshop) and effects are added later as needed.

We also create dual mixes… One for recording (such as promational MP3s and CDs) and one for live performance (playback though our sound system).

The advantage of all these methods is… if you don’t like, you can change it!

Yes, this sounds like a lot of work (and it is!), but the final product is well worth it! Just keep on playin’!

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